Help me critique my cutting diet/workout now!!

  1. Help me critique my cutting diet/workout now!!

    Ok, so basically here's the situation. I'm 6'2 sitting at 200 pounds. Probably sitting at around 21% body fat. I'm very busy right now, between working a full time job, going to school full time, going to the gym, and having time for my other half as well. So my diet is relatively based upon a few solid meals and the rest shakes. My goal is to cut as much bf % without losing much strength or muscle mass. This is my current day to day diet with a cheat meal or two possible during the weekend.

    Meal 1 shake

    Meal 2 8 oz chicken breast with a aMerican slice cheese

    Meal 3 shake

    Meal 4 either 8oz lean ground beef or 8oz chicken breast with 1 slice of American cheese

    Post workout(5) shake

    Meal 6 8oz of more chicken no cheese

    Total 1880 cal 74 carb 38 fat 268 protein

    I'm not sure where I should go from here with my diet. Any help would be nice. And like I said I don't mind eating the same thing day in and day out and shakes are convenient for time reasons. So I would like to stay to a simple format such as this.

    I workout 4 times a week and do cardio mainly after my workouts and sometimes some fasted cardio, but with my calories being so low, I didn't figure I would need as much intense cardio. I may be wrong?


    Bench press 210x10 220x8 225x8 235x6

    Incline bench 165x8 180x8 195x6

    Decline bench 205x8 215x7 225x5

    Db flys 40x10 40x10

    Db pullover 75x8 75x8

    Cable Tricep extension 120x10 130x8 140x8 150x6 drop set 70x12

    Tricep dips
    12 18 18 to failure

    Superset db tricep to the chest and shoulder 25x8 25x8 25x8

    Abs and bike for 20 min moderately


    Chin up 2x8

    Db row 80x8 90x8 100x8

    Seated row 160x8 170x8

    Standing barbell row 155x8 165x8

    Lat pulldown 140x10 150x10 160x8

    Standing barbell curl 80x8 95x7 100x6

    Close grip preacher curl 60x8 70x8 70x6

    Incline curl 25x10 20x12

    One arm machine Concentration curl 40x10 50x10 assisted drop set to 20x 12 each arm hammer curl

    Abs and run 1 mile


    Machine shoulder press 150x10 160x10 170x10

    Db reverse fly 30x10 40x10 45x10

    Seated Military press 115x10 125x10 135x10 145x8

    Db lat raise 20x10 25x10

    Superset upright row and db shrugs 70 n 90x10 80 n 100x10

    Standing barbell wrist curls 10 and 5x10, 2 10sx 10, 2 10s n 5x10, 30x10

    Wrist twists 20x12 25x12 30x12 35x12 40x10

    Abs and run 1 mile


    Barbell Squat 225x10 245x8 255x8 265x6 275x4

    Leg extension machine 140x12 150x12 150x12

    Leg curl machine 140x12 160x12 180x12

    Standing calf raise+calf block 225x12 245x12 265x12

    Seated calf raise machinne 45+25x12 , 45+10x12, 45+2x25x12,

    abs and stair master for 15 min for moderate pace.

    In my workouts the compound lifts usually have 4 sets suggested in a 10 8 8 6 fashion. The way I have interpreted this was to start with a weight that was hard for 10 reps, after maybe having 1 rep left in the tank, then goin to a small jump in weight which makes the lift difficult to do 8 with possibly 1 rep left. And then add a small amount more and possibly do 7-8 very difficult reps and then on the last set go up another small amount and struggle to get 6 reps. Should it be done this way? Or would it be more efficient and helpful to start wit ha more manageable weight and have say 5 reps left in the tank on the 1st and go up in bigger jumps of weight so the end weight would actually be more? Idk it was just a thought. Any insight on this would be helpful. And if I need to change my workout completely for the purpose of me wanting to cut fat then so be it. Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you

  2. Your diet is deficient in so many nutrients. You need some variety, and need to get some vegetables in there. Further, your fats are so low that hormone production, specifically test, will be compromised. You need more fats, and better fats. Fish oil for one. American cheese is a horrible source of anything. Go for a less processed cheese, such as cheddar.

    Your training, as far as a "Now!" critique, leads a lot to be desired. You need more leg work, and less wrist curls and other garbage exercises. Also, as your tolerance for exercise increases, I highly suggest adding in some HIIT style cardio.


  3. Def need a variety of fruits and veggies. Perhaps some nuts to help with fat intake and change out some of your meat with fish every now and then. Your current diet as is makes me want to cry it lacks so much health.
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  4. I knew it was lacking in many things that I would normally calL healthy, but carbs just scared me when I started reading about diets. So more fats, more veggies, and which green would u suggest? And because I am pressed with time could I cut up some fruits in my shake to increase carbs. I'm very new at the dieting portion of fitness. Is the protein at the right level. Also, what trash exercises are u referring too and what exercise would you put in its place? Very open to everyone's thoughts and advice, thank you very much for yalls input

  5. Berries are a great fruit, and blend easily into any shake.

    You shouldn't be scared to death by carbs. Carbohydrates when taken in at the right times, in the right amounts, and the right sources are very beneficial to fat loss and muscle retention. Be afraid of gluten, not CHO.

    Any green veggies: spinach, kale, collard greens, broccoli, brussel sprouts, green/yellow squash, etc. etc.

    Too many isolation movements: curls, wrist curls, triceps press down, leg extensions, etc.


  6. Thanks again with more info on good carbs etc, I know everyones different, but u need a startin place. Could someone help me construct a diet that would put me in a better position to be successful? Also, what exercises shoul be put in place of isolation? And should I be doing a mass style of workout while I'm cutting to further help in muscle retention? Or should that be modified as well?

  7. As a physical performance consultant I build nutrition and training programs based on scientific evidence, individual needs, goals, and progress. If you're interested in hearing more about my services (and of course a list of references) drop me a pm.

    If not, here are some suggestions as far as training goes:

    Focus on one - two compound movements per session. A large portion of your training volume should be taken up by these exercises.
    The isolation/assistance exercises you perform should be aimed at improving those big movements and correcting muscular imbalances.
    Core work is essential - and the core is much more than the rectus abdominals (though that is all you see). Rotational, extension, glute, and static exercises are very important. The stronger you core is, the stronger you large movers will be, and the greater your progress will be.



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