y3t training article in flex march 2012

  1. y3t training article in flex march 2012

    thinking of starting this on monday, just read you have to rest pause every set to reach the desired number of reps

    anybody else read it?


  2. going to try this program soon

  3. This program looks interesting, but seems to require a training partner.

  4. I really like the Y3T layout, however i don't think rest/pausing every single set would be a good idea. The intensity would be so great that you would without a doubt be burnt out if you were doing it right. I like the idea of straight sets though it's like a 1 month taper to lighter weights but if your really pushing yourself it'd workout fantastically cause you would NEED the next week to be lighter and so forth. Awesome concept because you can add a little amount of weight each month/Y3T cycle and eventually the weights you used for low reps would get to moderate reps and then ultimately to total annihilation week which would be amazing in terms of hypertrophy. Neil Hill knows his stuff i like his methods!
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by chokeyouout View Post
    Nah lol
    Should try it dude


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