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As I mentioned above, I did SL 5x5 for several months and had great results in body composition and strength gains. It has probably been the most productive program I had followed consistently in some time.

With that being said, I never use a spotter on anything I did--or do now, unless its s day where I am testing my limits. I don't really think it is necessary on the SL program. In fact, it may be counter productive. If you are using a spotter for pure safety, that is one thing. If you are using a spotter to get your 5 sets, 5 reps in then you are cheating yourself. Through progressive overload you will get stronger. No need for forced reps or even struggling to the point of needing assistance to complete a set or a rep.

Use a manageable weight that YOU can do by yourself. Focus on correct form and the weight will add itself week by week. If you are dependent on a spotter then it's not really an accurate depiction of what you are capable of.

That's just my opinion.
Having a spotter doesn't always mean forced reps. You're only cheating yourself with a linear program using that logic. When referring to a spotter I am talking about having someone give you a lift off the rack, stand behind you through squats, stand behind you through presses, etc. Using a spotter for the benefits of your personal safety and not having someone shrug the weight while you're bench pressing it.