How to build Stamina

  1. How to build Stamina

    I live soccer.So,I want to increase my stamina ...What are the exercise and the routine I should follow to run run and run continuously for 90 mins without getting tired.At present , I cannot run even more than 30 mins before that I body gets stiff and gradually gets slow and tired ,and thus cannot concentrate on the remaining part of the match .....I want to know the secret how in the hell Messi,Ronaldinho,Ronaldo and all the soccer players could continuously run like that .........How they train themselves?????

  2. go to they have a program generator.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  3. Realize two things. First, those athletes you mentioned are some of the best athletes in the world. They have both the genetics, the effort, and the time to train and get themselves in that condition.

    Second, soccer is not the same as endurance running. The energy systems and movement patterns are entirely different.

    A forward in a typical pro soccer game will probably cover 10,000 m total. This breaks down into about:

    1500m walking
    1000m all out sprinting
    1500m jogging about 55% vo2max
    1500m running about 95% vo2max

    Then of course, there are all the changes in direction.

    Now, soccer players do not run this much every single day. A high level soccer player with one match a week may train like this:

    Sunday: Match
    Monday: Rest/active recovery
    Tuesday: 15 min warm up, 30 min of technical/tactical work, 20 min of play, 20 min of high intensity aerobic conditioning, 15 min cool down
    Wed: Strength training in the AM; Warm up, technical work, speed endurance training PM
    Thurs: Warm up, 20 min technical work, 30-40 min play
    Fri: Warm up, longer sprint training, play
    Sat: Warm up, shorter sprint training, play (reduced workout)


    Check out this article for more info, and some ideas of how to set up training programs:

    Journal of Sports Sciences
    Publication details, including instructions for authors and subscription information:
    Physical and metabolic demands of training and match-play in the elite
    football player
    Jens Bangsbo a; Magni Mohr a; Peter Krustrup a
    a Institute of Exercise and Sport Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Muscle Research
    Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark

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