New training program - New injury (herniated disc)

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    New training program - New injury (herniated disc)

    I recently started working out with a trainer at a very high profile facility. I'm not going to make mention of the who's and what's about it, but I can make mention that the program I'm doing is being given to some Olympic level athletes and other elite level competitive athletes. Though I'm by no means a competitive athlete (yet) I do want that option, if I choose to continue training at this level.

    Now... The training is essentially tuned for bodybuilding. Very focused and precise movements, VERY high reps into the 50's and 60's, and very low rest times. Things were going well and my body adapting to the intensity and my diet was being adjusted to the obvious increase in output. I was unfortunately catabolizing a bit due to lack of calories for my activity, so I was making some necessary adjustments to my supplementation and diet and then IT happened. I put 450 on the leg press and intended to do 10x6, but my first set ended with me dropping down to do my 9th rep and POP. The weight dropped on me and I went into spasms of pain. I made my way onto the ground and screamed in pain. My thoughts went to,"holy shiz am I gonna walk again?" and "What about my training? What's going to happen?"

    I was gurneyed out of the gym, and once the spasms in my lower back stopped, I was left with a dull throbbing pain in my back. After some X-rays and CAT scans I was informed on my current predicament, though it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I had thought. A herniated disc, and a torn muscle.

    So... My question is this: How can I accelerate the healing process? I've read some interesting posts here and there about people using PEG MGF, and IGF-1, and GHRP-2 or 6. Is this smart? Is it necessary? Will this indeed FIX the herniated disc? I've also read some interesting posts by Grunt that use of Anavar, Boldenone (i think?), and Nandrolone will help increase the amount of collagen produced to help the healing process as well. Test, Mast, etc, might not be the smartest move, though from what I understand? I'm still fuzzy on that part.

    Forgive the long winded post... I've been stuck in bed for a week and I'm going stir-crazy.

  2. From everything I've read, Var, EQ, and deca will help collagen production/ healing. I've read mixed things about GH / GHRP's for this. But imo, GHRP's are the safest thing to try, for injury recovery. I'm in the same boat atm. Best of luck in the healing process.

  3. I won't comment on the "help" you're looking for, but I will give you a piece of advice. Elite athlete training programs != gains that elite athletes see. I work with Olympians, their training is brutal. If I performed that much volume, I would be beaten to a pulp (as an example, our athletes will do sprints/plyos, lift, then go slide for 3 hours--almost every day). Years of training result in very high training capacities, which Average Joes don't typically possess. Judging from your description (which doesn't exactly sound geared toward strength-power athletes given your description of it being like a bodybuilding routine, but that's another issue), the volume is very high. Train for where you are, not where someone else is. Training is (meant to be) individualized for a reason: a devo luge athlete isn't going to have the same work capacity as a second year skelly, who likewise won't have the work capacity of a bronze medal Olympian. If I trained that luger like I trained that Olympian, they would be seriously injured pretty quickly.

    Moral of the story: train you, not Olympian you. Otherwise, injuries are going to be pretty frequent, and you won't be able to achieve the needed volume safely and effectively. Good luck with the back, though. I know how devastating those injuries can be.
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    I didn't mean to elude to some misimpression that I was training LIKE these people. My program is similar in nature to it, in many ways but with the obvious lack of sports training. For example... an MMA fighter needs to put on X amount of pounds to be at the height of his weight class, and trains and eats appropriately to increase his muscle mass. Additionally the fighter will also have further training in MMA. This is my understanding of it, and in no way reflects the reality of the situation. I'm not a trainer, and I'm not a competitive athlete. My reason for bringing up the facility is so I could maybe impress upon you some idea of how brutalizing the training is. I didn't walk into Planet Crapness for my training... I walked into a top notch facility with a laundry list of successful athletes that have trained there.

    My program is to build muscle, teach proper form, increase muscle recruitment, and a bunch of other stuff I haven't learned yet. I'm not training the Olympian me, either... I'm following a training program that works, and I broke form. I'm not saying it served me right but it taught me a valuable lesson.

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