Injury / tendon recovery time?

  1. Injury / tendon recovery time?

    What is the general time given for tendon repair? I didn't snap it or anything very serious, but here's my deal:

    Start of January I injured myself on my Press day, doing heavy upright rows. The outer delt head and somewhere at the bottom (under) my shoulder blade hurt. I thought it was something minor, so in 2 days, I hit my deadlift day. Well doing heavy deads for 3 sets of 5, then heavy rows, and the next day I knew I had serious issues in my shoulder/mid back.

    I got some A.R.T. on my shoulder/back and waited 2-3 weeks before hitting my shoulders/back again - everything felt fine during my warm up and during stretches. THe workout felt great - no real pain and I was strong. But again, I knew something was wrong after a couple days, and the pain hasn't stopped. It's been another 3 weeks now and I've actually stopped all training for the past two weeks, but I am still feeling pain.

    Bicep tendon is likely injured (attaches to outer delt - definite random pain in this area that shoots down outer arm at times).
    Been getting A.R.T on my subscapularis, it's SUPER tight and real spicy in there. One of the tightest my chiro/sports therapist has ever experienced.
    Pain also really intense when getting A.R.T on my lat.
    I also had a ball of pain on my upper chest / pec major, where it attaches at the very top. This is now gone though.

    I'm seeing an Ortho next week to request an MRI. This is my first injury ever of this scope. What sort of time am I looking at roughly? Also, I have some GHRP-2+6 + CJC on hand to help speed up the healing, which I'm likely starting soon.

  2. I don't think anyone can give you a time frame without being there to physically assess the injury. There may be some things you won't be able to do or have to do differently in your training. No matter the outcome, don't let it get the best of you and get discouraged. Keep us posted...I would like to know who all went at the doc office.

  3. True, I guess I'm wondering if this is something that will take months? Or just weeks. Sitting here, I feel no pain, but any sudden movement and I may feel something.

    I stopped all training since even squatting was causing it to hurt, and I wanted to give myself some real rest to let it heal as fast as possible. I guess I could do split squats and GHR's though, as well as core (ab) training.

  4. I severely damaged my elbow ligaments, took 6+ months to get most of the range of motion back.
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  5. i dont know about recovery time but dropping upright rows will do wonders for your shoulders. IMO that lift is just asking for shoulder problems.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  6. Yeah it's definitely dropped! I hadn't done this movement in years, was stupid to add it back in. I like that it hits traps delts and biceps in the same movement though, but there's just too much margin for injury when going heavy on these.

  7. Well I'm getting an MRI Athrogram on Friday and will know the results next week.

    My chiro/sports therapist told me there's a definite tear on my pec major, at the top where it connects near the collar bone. There's a ton of scar tissue he's trying to remove using A.R.T but he said it will take a lot of work. The pec tear was done 2 days before my press day, and the tear would've caused imbalances that then caused the shoulder issues on press day. I'm afraid there are multiple tears and tendon damage as I can feel it deep in the tissue.

    Not too sure how to work around it right now..

    I guess I can just squat, GHR, core work, lower body stuff is not a problem.

    Hoping I can try adding in some arm work if I keep it light with high reps...but I guess that's all I can do for upper body for a while.

  8. Here the results of my MRI. Labrum tear (SLAP tear) in effect.

    I have a follow up next week, but is anyone here familiar with this and healing time? I've attached a pic with full details
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