Help with training

  1. Help with training

    Hi all, looking for a little advise;
    I have been bulking for the past 4 weeks 90% clean diet and will keep it going for another 4/6 weeks. I have still kept some definition on my chest, shoulders, arms and legs, my problem is my back, even when I dropped15lbs my back was still looking a bit chubby, are there any specific exercises,workouts or routines that I could follow to get a better shape to my back? I have a nice width to my back but would like more shape. Routine at the mo........ Deadlift 12,10,8,8. various grip pulldown 12,10,8,8,. various grip pullups to failure. Seated row 12,10,8,8 and 1/2 different back machines. I take all the usuals Protein, Halo, Vitamins. Any help would be great.....Height 5'5" Weight 170lbs

  2. Halo is what exactly?

  3. It's by Muscletect, post workout for recovery

  4. What does the rest of your training look like? While spot reduction is baloney, an increase in muscle mass with a concurrent decrease in total body fat will go a long way. If you're training properly you will see whole body changes.

    Also, get bent over/prone rows in your life and drop the machine/cable work for the most part.

    While I'm at it, how long have you been training (total as well as current training plan)?

  5. I,ve been training for about 3 and a half to 4 years, Started out quite heavy and have seen a huge difference over all in body shape, just can't seem to get the deffinition in the back. I will start the exercises you mentioned and drop the machine sets.
    Thanks for your input



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