Count me in!

  1. Count me in!

    I signed up with Bobo as well! I have a very easy time going from high bodyfat to around 12-13%, but once I get there, I'm kind of lost. In the last few months I've gone from 240ish with a 38.5 inch waist to 200 lbs with a 35.5 inch waist. I just know that if I were to continue cutting on my own I would start losing more muscle and strength (don't have much to begin with anyway ). You all are more than welcome to ask questions here, make comments, talk **** about the coach .. I will be taking photos in a few days.

  2. I spoke with Bobo last night and I'm very excited. I was VERY surprised to hear what food was going to be "my new best friend".

  3. Great news Die..!!! Keep us posted

  4. I talked his ear off
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  5. I had the same problem, worked hard to get down to the 12% -13% bf and then hit a plateau...Bobo's plan helped me get past that dreaded sticking point. Best of luck...



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