routine check and d/c opinions

  1. routine check and d/c opinions

    Currently 5'11 185 roughly 14% bf

    bench 285
    squat 405
    dl 405

    Im coming off laynes phat looking for a new routine. I recover quickly and have been lifting seriously for 3-4 years. started at 130lbs skinnyfat. Diet is in check.

    Routine 1 is a 3 on 1 off repeat. Moderate volume and rep ranges typically 8-15

    Flat db 3x12-10
    1 hole I db 3x12-10
    Chest dips 2x12-10
    I pully fly 2x12-10
    Cable pdown 3x12-10
    Reverse pdown 3x15-12
    Over head o-a ext 1x15-12

    Back Bi
    DL 3x12-10
    Vbar row pulles 3x12-10
    Wide cable row 2x12-10
    Wide pulldown 2x12-10
    Incline curl 3x12-10
    BB curl 2x12-10
    Hammer curl 2x15-12

    Bb shoulder press 3x12-10
    Arnnold press 3x12-10
    Upright row 2x15-12
    lateral raise 2x15-12
    Squat 3x 12-10
    Leg press 3x12-10
    Db shrugs 3x12-10

    other option would be running d/c.


  2. were all those gains you made from the Phat routine? If its worked that well why change now? Or have you felt you've stalled and are not progressing anymore?

  3. i actually made the bulk of my gains in my "noob gains". doing a high volume 5 day traditional split, however i also had moderate 3 day a week workouts in football season hitting 5x3 bench, squat, cleans. went from 130-165 in a year. The rest has been slow progress testing different routines. ive down madcows (strength was great, mass not so much). Same with layne norton and plyoathletes phat. Strength goes up size doesnt alter much..except legs. However I am leg dominant, they just grow.

    I was thinking of the first routine because I did like hitting my muslces twice a week more frequently. I do seem to recover quick and will have a great stack and diet coming up. I was thinking of running the first routine, seeing the results reverting back to a 5 day split monitor results, then try dc. All being run for 12 weeks. I guess I really just need to take measurements/maxes at the start of each and then monitor size gains.

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