lowish volume split for bulking?

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    lowish volume split for bulking?

    5-10min light cardio warmup
    Squats 5x5-10
    Leg Extensions: 3x15
    Stiff leg Deads 4x10

    5-10min light cardio warmup
    Incline Press 4x6-10
    Weighted Dips 4x6-10
    Skullcrushers 4x6-10

    5-10min light cardio warmup
    Weighted Chins 3x4-6
    BB Rows 3x6-8
    Deadlifts 3x8-10
    BB Curl 4x8-12

    5-10min light cardio warmup
    Seated BB Press 3x6
    Seated DB Press 3x8-10
    Standing Calf Raise 4x15

    + abs&forearms 1-2x a week

    what do you think about that routine? is it suitable for bulking? heavy loads, plenty of rest between sets. straight sets. adding wieght next workout when i am able to complete all reps in all sets.

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    you could also try something like this lyles generic bulking routine:
    Mon: Lower
    Squat: 3-4X6-8/3' (3-4 sets of 6-8 with a 3' rest)
    SLDL or leg curl: 3-4X6-8/3'
    Leg press: 2-3X10-12/2'
    Another leg curl: 2-3X10-12/2'
    Calf raise: 3-4X6-8/3'
    Seated calf: 2-3X10-12/2'
    Abs/low back: a couple of heavy sets apiece

    Tue: Upper
    Flat bench: 3-4X6-8/3'
    Row: 3-4X6-8/3'
    Incline bench or shoulder press: 2-3X10-12/2'
    Pulldown/chin: 2-3X10-12/2'
    Triceps: 1-2X12-15/1.5'
    Biceps: 1-2X12-15/1.5'

    For the Thu/Fri workouts either Repeat the first two or make some slight exercise substitutions. Can do deadlift/leg press combo on Thu, switch incline/pulldown to first exercises on upper body day. A lot depends on volume tolerance, if the above is too much, go to 2-3X6-8 and 1-2X10-12

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    I'm following something similar taken from some of Brooks Kubik's articles on 'abbreviated training' definitely helping with strength and recover.
    Mine is 4 workouts as follows:

    Workout A

    DB Bench Press 5x5
    Weighted Wide Grip Pullups 5x5

    Workout B

    Deadlift 5x5
    Military Press 5x5

    Workout C

    Weighted Tricep Dips 5x5
    EZ Bar Curl 5x5

    Workout D

    Barbell Squats 5x5
    Standing Calf Raises 3-5 sets of 20-25 reps

    All 5x5 rep ranges are 2 gradually heavier warmup sets and 3 working sets at the same weight. I then work the weight up to 3x7 for working sets before increasing and then beginning the process over. Only exercise I haven't done this on is the Deadlift as the volume kills me lower back in that rep range which effects my squat 4/5 days later and for once my squat reps+weight are both increasing so I seem to have found the right balance with this.

    Train every other day on this program. At the end of each workout I either do core work/grip work or neck raises weighted with a headstrap

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