shoulder injury

  1. shoulder injury

    I injured my shoulder doing chest and when it happened it didn't hurt to bad it was just one of those pains that said "back off" there was no bruising or swelling and no.certain movement sets it off its just random aches in my front felt in the muscles.anybody have the same feeling or idea of what it is?

  2. Biceps tendonitis...from the brief description.

    Is this where you feel it most...on the "X"?

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    If so, than its likely some inflammation of the proximal long head biceps tendon. This tendon runs over the head of the humerus and attaches to the scapula. Take a look:

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    Every time you externally rotate and abduct your humerus (raise your arm and do chest/shoulder work), that tendon is getting impinged (pinched) against the acromium process. This results in inflammation of the tendon. If it continues, the tendon will slowly weaken and can eventually rupture. Below is a bit of an extreme example (the bone spurs), but you can see how the position puts the shoulder in a dangerous state:

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    Without seeing you or your program, all I can do is make a guess based on past experience. My guess is a culmination of: poor technique on pressing exercises, excessive chest/shoudler work, inadequate mid-back and external rotator work, and some postural deviations at the shoulder girlde as a result.


  3. My pain is a little bit above the "x" its right in between where the mid point of my front delt is and where the tendon starts with it. What are some signs I should have? And certain things I shouldn't be able to do?

  4. Could be bursisitis and shoulder bursa impingement.

    Check out some of the stuff I've posted on here about protracted shoulders and internally rotated humerus. Correcting that will make a big difference in the problem and your performance.


  5. Awesome thanks! Looks like some of the most truest knowledge I've seen on here. Thanks a lot

  6. No problem. If it continues or gets worse, then I'd suggest seeing a sports doc to get a true diagnosis and maybe a prognosis of how bad it is.



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