So i was thinking about this for a long time now and in the past.. I think of a couple things when it comes to getting stronger..

1) Manual Labor - You see these guys who have a grip of steel and they work anywhere from 5-7 days a week with heavy loads of stuff working all day long. They are always dirty and beaten up. But they are stronger than a lot of people i see who does standard weightlifting. I have actually seen a high praised weightlifter get his ass handed to him by a construction/manual labor type work.... Im not saying a fight or arm wrestling or anything like that is the best of the best.. but it seems weird.

2) John Broz - This guy has his people squatting every single day! and sometimes twice a day.. If you go on his youtube page, you will see various of his athletes who are squatting over 2.5x there bodyweight.. very impressive.

3) two-a-days FOOTBALL - I remember two-a-days in football when i was so exhausted to go into practice. I sucked it up and went every single day. NEVER missed a practice. And i remember at the end of my two weeks of two a days, i was in the best shape of my life. We would run so much. I would feel so burnt out. But i remember that i was in top form.

So what i did was challenge myself to work out EVERY SINGLE DAY. and i did just that. I started working out mid November. I did every single day. I squatted every day other than maybe 3-4 days during the whole period. I did Deadlifts at least 3 times a week. I benched 1-2 times a week. I tried to just stick to the main compound lifts and i kept the reps low. No more than 3 reps. And not a lot of volume total.

My squat max in the beginning was around 300. I was weighing in at around 172-175. I would always wake up near 172.

My max deadlift.. (the best i have ever gotten) was 350 for 3 reps that i barely edged out. My best bench was 350 (i know, pretty sad. I was a chest bitch.. one of those kids who bought into the "how much ya bench?" bs)

I ended up now where i can do the following:

SQUAT - 480
BENCH - 365

WEIGHT - 180-185

These are not half ass reps. they are full complete reps. The squat is just worn with a belt. The deadlift i use straps. I use a double overhand hook. (i can get 455 raw deadlift double overhand). And bench is raw. Also, no drugs at all. If you consider Caffeine a drug, then yes. But Caffeine is it. It helps you push a bit more.

I just wanted to let everyone know about my experience. Im not bragging. I think a bodybuilder would not work out well with this. But why not try it? Also. I suggest you build your volume up slowly. I have squatted 2 times in one day before and was fine. But after doing it for 3 straight days, i started to feel overly run down. And felt like everything was going down TOO FAR. Surely you will have good and bad days, but stick with it. Get the rest you need. And its all about progression. I can now rep 405 for over 6 reps and im going to cut it down to 4 days a week while looking to beat up my muscles a bit and get a bit larger.

If you want anything else about what i did, just message. Me. i have also done workouts with no sleep and have progressed. Its all mental.