Differences in Elliptical training

  1. Differences in Elliptical training

    At my 24 hour fitness they appear to have two different elliptical trainers.
    One unit: There isn't the motor behind it, and when you pedal, your heel comes up like you are stepping. You can change the resistance.

    Second unit: It looks like you take a longer stride and the machine pedal kind of moves with your heel. I understand you change it like going up a hill. So, more of a "incline" change not resistance.

    Is there a significant difference between the two? One a better workout or one better for the core.


  2. Elypticals are great if you want something low impact or are injured.

    Otherwise, use the treadmill. Greater caloric expenditure, more muscles used, greater core activation.


  3. tough call.
    My problem is I have flat feet. The right ankle does get a bit more aggravated with jogging, although I could try jogging instead on the treadmill.
    So far, elliptical causes no problems.

    I do have orthotics, and I also have excellent shoes to reduce pronation (Asics beasts)

  4. I have flat feet and pronatation issues as well. I used to use the bike a ton and the eliptical as well

  5. The one with out the motor in the back is more then likely a cross trainer(like a stepper/elliptical)my personal fav.i get a higher heart rate,more of a burn(using more energy)just a tougher unit for me.



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