3 day bulking routine 4 days a week

  1. 3 day bulking routine 4 days a week

    flat bench 3x6-8
    incline bench 3x6-8
    flies 3x8-10
    leaning forward dips 3x8-10 directly after last set i take away dip belt and do BW as long as i can
    cg bench 3x8-10
    lying tri extensions 3x8-10
    standing curls 3x6-8
    concentration curls 3x8-10
    cruches 3xmax
    leg raises

    front squat 3x6-8
    walking lunges 3x15 each leg
    leg extensions rest paused 30 reps total using wieght i can do 20
    leg curls 3 sets "21" method
    stiff leg deadlift 3x8-10
    bb calve raises 4x10-15

    dead lift 3x6-8
    pullups 3x8-10
    bent over row 3x8-10
    db row 3x8-10
    rear delt raises 3x8-10
    shrugs 3x6-8
    military press 3x6-8
    laterals 3x8-10

    4 times a week, so first week will be 1231 next week 2312 next 3123 etc

    what do you think about it? before hardest lifts squat, deads, bench, military press, row - 1-2 warmup sets using same rep range as worksets

    as for progression what do you think about it:

    np. 1 set 100kg x 10 - ive done 2 more reps so i up the wieght next set to stay in 6-8 rep range
    2 set 102kg x 8 did 8 reps so weight stays the same for next set
    3 seria 102kg x 7

    next workout :

    1 set 102kg x 11
    2 set 104kg x 9
    3 set 106kg x 6


    1 set 106kg x 8
    2 set 106kg x 7
    3 set 106kg x 6


    so basically if i did more than 8 reps in 1st set i up the weight for 2nd one , otherwise I use the same weight for next set ?

  2. sounds good to me..nice post!!

  3. Why not just use a 4 day split?

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