Mobility WOD challenge...

  1. Mobility WOD challenge...

    This is a challenge between a buddy of mine on another forum but decided to post it here to see if anyone can also benefit from it

    We have been working on our mobility (for me specifically hip and ankle mobility) and stumbled upon this website - MobilityWOD. It is run by a crossfit guy (K-Star) who has posted a total of 365 mobility videos on his website. Basically the challenge is to try and do as many of the videos as possible.

    Here are the ones I have been doing

    and my favorite one so far

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  2. I like this! I completed a 4 week Mobility intensive course in January, 4 hours per week of in class instruction by mobility experts, following many of these concepts, but adding yoga into the mix as well. 2 - 2 hour sessions per week, and then some at home. It was intense! I've recently been recovering from surgery, but I really need to up the mobility work again. Count me in.

    I'm awaiting an order of some new bands and mobility equipment (rumble roller, etc) from elitefts as well.

  3. These are very helpful and informative, thanks for the vids!

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