Every day I see the same threads, I've found a great,cheap dumbbell set and its only $500+ .

There are cheaper ways to things and that way is via adjustable standard dumbbells.Now I know what your thinking ,you think that I'm crazy as once the dumbbells get really heavy it is near impossible to kick them from the starting position,the ends hurt your knees,you cannot put as much weight on them ect............

There is a method that I have used over the past year and it is fantastic.

3 words for you guys.

Country Power Hooks! Country Power Power Hooks at Bodybuilding.com: Lowest Prices for Power Hooks

Country Power wants to point out, that using Power Hooks is an effective way to pre-load dumbbells. The easiest way to understand pre-loading is to imagine barbell benches which hold the weight above the head before we bench. Do you think you could work out with the same intensity taking the barbell from the floor? By being able to take the barbell off the uprights you get a pre-load. This allows the nervous system to be ready for the lift; therefore, you may be able to handle much more weight resulting in maximum exercise benefit. Pre-loading has been suggested to give strength and muscle gains and prevent injuries. You cannot get the proper pre-load by having your training partner hand you the dumbbells, or by you kicking up (clearing) the dumbbells. Without the pre-loading may not be able to train with the intensity that someone can with Power Hooks. You know you can push much more weight then you can clear.

There are dumbbell benches on the market but they have many problems that Power Hooks have solved. One problem is that dumbbell benches have fixed lifting points. This means you have to take the dumbbells from a fixed point and after working out with the dumbbells return the dumbbells to the same fixed point. Even if you can adjust the dumbbell bench to a good lifting position, returning the dumbbells to the same point could be very difficult. Power Hooks do not have fixed points; you can start the lift and end the lift from any position on the barbell.

Here is the basic premise of the hooks

Now you see where I'm going right.If your going to pre-load the dumbbells there is no need for set dumbbells.An adjustable pair will do nicely.
Through trial and error I have determined what size dumbbell handles you will need.

If going the standard route you will need standard handles that are at least over 16 inches.If you combine this with a few 25lbs(10kg) plates you can easily get 130lbs on each handle.This is the route I have gone,it works,takes slightly more time for weight changes but it has saved me probably $1000's of dollars.IF you go this route you will require spinlocks for the dumbbells.I'm sorry but for safety reasons collars will not suffice.

If you have Olympic Dumbbell handles you are already set.The power hooks are designed for these types of handles,they fit snugly around them and by using 25lbs plates you can add a lot of weight.The downside to using the hooks on olympic handles are that they will restric movement as the olympic plates are a lot bigger than the standard plates.It may restrict you ROM as I have anecdotally seen.

As you may have guessed it is my preference to get the standard handles, to add cheap cast iron weight plates and to get lifting.

There are hundreds of sources on the net for standard plates and hundreds of sources for the standard and olympic handles.

There are hundreds of sources for standard handles but remember 16 inches or more
US+Canada Source 2pcs 18" Chrome Dumbbell Handles + Spring Collars | eBay
UK+Ireland source Bodypower 18 inch Standard Size Dumbbell Handles | eBay
Aussie Guys (only 16 inch handles found so up to about 55kg)16" Dumbbell Handles/ Bars in Pair,Standard Size-weight | eBay
The ENITRE WORLD 16'' dumbbell pair (up to 55kg each handle)Regular Threaded Spin Lock Dumbbell Handles 16"*PAIR* | eBay

Olympic handles are up to you guys.There are hundreds of sources so GO FISH

!Bodybuilding.com provides the best deal on the net for the powerhooks so I would purchase them there Country Power Power Hooks at Bodybuilding.com: Lowest Prices for Power Hooks!

Now you all know how to add dumbbells to your workouts if you have a power rack or squat stands ect.....No excuses now for spending excess money on nice looking dumbbell sets.Get what works,whats affordable and SAVE MONEY.Its still a recession.

Good luck guys