Is it possible to tear your bicep and not be in excrutiating pain?

  1. Is it possible to tear your bicep and not be in excrutiating pain?

    Here's the setup:

    At the gym on Wednesday, start with dips, move to weighted dips, superset with skullcrushers. Tri's are pumped and feeling good, just a little bit of pain in the tri's. Go over to do barbell curls.... right arm moves up just fine, can't bring my left arms past 90 degrees holding the barbell. Can curl 40 lbs dumbbell with right arm no problem. 10 lbs dumbbell in left arm is a struggle.

    It's friday now. I think I've isolated my pain to the brachialus (underneath the two heads of the bicep, connects to the forearm). Inside of forearm just below the elbow is a little numb. No abnormal lumps anywhere. Even flexed, bicep stays soft. Minimal on the outside of my upper arm when not flexed. When arm is extended straight, minimal pain (just like it's tight and I'm stretching) at the inner elbow. When flexed, minimal pain up near the shoulder under the bicep.

    I'm a lefty, so my left arm has always been stronger than my right.

    Is it somehow possible I strained or tore something in my bicep while doing dips?

  2. It is possible to have a complete tear and no pain, but the bicep would most likely curl right up.


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