Awkward bicep discomfort

  1. Awkward bicep discomfort

    For about 2 weeks now, i have this slight pain in the right biceps only.
    If I extend my arm out, no problem
    If I flex without muscle contraction, no problem

    If I flex while making a muscle, its a subtle discomfort that feels kind of deep in the biceps and in the more distal part (closer to the elbow but not quite like a tendon attachment).

    It seems to be slowly improving, but wanted some opinions.


  2. Stop working out for 2 weeks and see how it feels after? If it hurts at all, I would stop working out until it doesn't and go back to normal slowly. Messing with a small problem will make it a very big problem quickly, which will take a lot more time to heal than if you just did it right when it was a small problem.

  3. Agreed. Unfortunately, I had to stop everything, other than leg workouts and cardio. Even when I do a chest/tri workout, it does certainly cause some bicep contraction, which I am trying to avoid.

    It's not bad, kind of a subtle discomfort when contracting the bicep, but would rather just get it healed/repaired now and not 2 months from now.


  4. I had a weird kinda soreness pain in my left biceps that kinda did not go away with rest... Hurt inside, especiallt on revergrip curls, So i did this, and it worked... I worked biceps for around 20 sets every other day.. But never failure, and sticking to 12-20 reps...controlled. No extecises or ranges that hurt. Along with lighter back work. Cured in a avout a week..never jad sore arms much aslong as i keep a high frequency.

    Note, this might Distrastous for you. Also, my pain was not felt unless i did exercises that hurt...and it went away as i reach max pump..then incould even do the painful ones...

    No clue why it worked.... But lighter sessions for pump might have helped the healing

  5. Last thing todo is what a friend of mine, mr arms.. A guy who is all arms, almost only trains arms, and have em at over 18"
    He jut put on various ointments and ate nsaids ...which weaken the tendons... Doh... and still trained balls to the wall heavy and beyond failure... It tore completly doing 60lbs concentration curls.... He got it fixed and was back in the gym after 2months, still training lighter after 6 months..It is almost as big as before, but a bit shorter.. He had torn both heads and his brachialis, so no surgeon could make it perfect again, but still bigger and better than most others arms... But he cannot train back heavy until it feels good...

    So whatever path you try, go lighter

  6. Path I am taking:
    I am not doing any upper body until I am confident there is no discomfort, and then will start light.

    I was still in the middle of cutting anyway, so will just have to focus on cardio and leg workouts. I feel that even tricep or shoulder exercises still cause bicep contraction, so just best to rest until resolved.

  7. Do that first, then restart might just be inflammtiln and not damage. I took a whole month from back and biceps, but it hurt opening doors etc. Lifting anything i took great care not to do sudden.. After a while i got sick of the whole problem, and did what i always cures soreness, training the bodypart ligth every day...then it started to get better after a few workouts, then i did them every other problem since.
    All depends on what the problem is. Ypu could have an mri to see if theres a be sure. That would be the best way to be certain


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