Attack of the bum back!

  1. Attack of the bum back!

    I've been having some horrible back pain in the lower left lumbar region--happens mainly after heavy squats and deadlifting....

    Went to the chiro; have scoliosis, a bulging L5 and degenerative L5. It kills my back to attempt squats or DLs of what I consider to be highly weight.

    I am looking for insight on what I should do? I don't want to miss out on the growth potential of these heavy compounds...any thoughts?

  2. Bump...

    Tried to go to the gym last night and do some leg sled--had to leave after 10 minutes the pain was excruciating. Could barley get up off the floor!

    Thinking about taking some time off for a couple weeks...

  3. An orthopedic doctor is going to provide you with much better direction. They can assess your situation and provide you with recommended treatment. I would also seek out a trainer with experience with your condition.

  4. I'm no doctor but I did herniate a disc squatting in 2009.

    Skip the chiropractor and get to a physical therapist. Take some time off from heavy spinal loads in the gym. There are really two phases to recovering from serious low-back injuries. Healing and regaining mobility. Take care of those and slowly work back into the spinal loads.

    I've done most everything wrong along the way, but a PT at my church spent 8 weeks pro bono helping me out and I've been lifting with heavy spinal loads for almost a year now relatively pain free.

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