15 year old brother and me lifting need guidance...

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    15 year old brother and me lifting need guidance...

    My brother has shown a interest in lifting and wants to start with me this wed.... My question is I don't want him tO get discouraged....

    Now me I'll be dead honest.... I been lifting for 3 years and honesty my dead lift went up and squat but my bench is terrible....
    I'm talking ****... Like I can dead 275 three times... Barely can bench 180lbs 1 time...
    I think it's because I have a bad wrist... Anyway... I wanna start all over and get some strength....

    What should me and my brother do? I was thinking of doing strong lifts starting with just the bar and adding 10lbs a week... Or a workout I mean? Good idea or no? Think it could work good? (the first month would be really slow I know)

    Or any other ideas? My brother is only like 130lbs and not to strong... So I figure I'll just start with the bar and keep working up and up...

    So basically would strong lifts be a good thing to follow or what other routine... I'm not looking for size I have that... More strength...

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    Stick to 5x5 on compound lifts for strength and if the wrist is really a problem take some time off. I strained my biceps tendon football when I was 16 now two years later it still hurts cause I'm way too naive to quit lifting

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