Heavy bag training on off days?

  1. Heavy bag training on off days?

    Hey all- I just put up my heavy bag in my basement after it sat in the garage for about a year. I'm wondering if I lift mon-wed-fri, would it be overkill to hit the bag on an off / cardio day? Like would the impact hinder muscular growth from extra trauma? Thanks

  2. any opportunity to maintain and improve boxing skill is a plus in my opinion. try it and see how you feel, if it interferes with your recovery and future workouts then consider skipping it on the days you need to.

  3. I like heavy bag work for my cardio personally. I don't use it all the time but it's definitely my second favorite way to get my cardio in...next to my bjj/mma classes ofcourse.

  4. I would try to do it on training days, but I know many mma fighters who do it on non training days. Listen to your body
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  5. Yea I am
    By no means a fighter or boxer.. Would just be a different form of cardio for change of pace.. So I wouldn't really be hitting the bag SO hard.. More so just the form n technique n footwork

  6. A pretty fun form of cardio imo

  7. I either box, jumprope, swim, or play racquetball for cardio. Occasionally sprints
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