Took the plunge...

  1. Took the plunge...

    Okay I sold my grandma (she's almost dead anyways) and now have enough money to hire Bobo, so I took the plunge and just got done filling out the application/payment. I guess I'll be keeping a log of both how my cut goes under bobo and also custom's new product, CEE, which he was so kind as to send me a sample of. I'll start it when I hear back from Bobo.... looking forward to it all!

  2. Check your email....You caught me by surprise
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  3. Good luck brother, I can't wait to scrounge up enough money to join the ranks.

  4. I think you will be very pleased with the results...

  5. Wwooohoooo! It's a cutting fiesta! We can all bitch and moan together! Naw seriously, this is really going to keep my dumb ass motivated to not f*ck things up... Great... the pressure is reallllly on, heh.

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  6. Good Luck!! Hey how bout a BOBO contest

  7. Good luck Usual


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