Need help designing workout with what i have at home... please help

  1. Need help designing workout with what i have at home... please help

    Well.. my gym membership had to be canacelled... its a long story... involves a girl who i used to date.. etc...

    I need a workout plan to use at home.. but as i went to lift last night i realized.. damn i cant even do any dumbell exercises... Ill write a list of what I have to work with... and maybe someone can help me out with a plan to use... I am doing a 3 day split... M/W/F.... and cardio on T/TH...

    anyway here is what i have...

    Bench with oliiympic bar... can do decline and flat... (doesnt do incline) have about 300lbs for it...
    Lat pull down station with row at bottom (use for lat pulls, tri pushdowns, rows.)
    EZ curl bar
    hammer curl bar/tri bar
    one olympic length staright bar (25lbs) using for deads..

    THATS about all....

    here is what i did monday for chest...

    flat bench 5x5
    decline bench 10/8/6
    tri pushdown 10/8/6
    narrow press 10/8/6
    dips 15/12/10/10/10 (off the bench so not all my bodyweight)
    flat bench holds... (bring the weight down half way and hold untill its about to drop and push back up)

    I felt like this workout wasnt that great compaired to doing flys, incline bench, etc.... so can someone plese help me come up with 3 good workouts I can follow the next 3 months or so...


  2. In your kitchen, if you have a counter that makes a 90 degree angle, you can do dips there. It's kind of odd since your palms lay flat on the counter, but it still works the same muscles and I find that I can do about as many dips there as I can using parallel bars. I guess the size of the person matters here too.. But it works for me! I'd rather do this than bench dips. For some reason I can do bench dips in the hundreds of reps and it remains easy. It's like doing pushups with your knees on the floor.

    Good luck!

  3. Do deads and look up hack squats on YouTube is my advice to add
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

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