AC Joint Sprain

  1. AC Joint Sprain

    Hello fellow AM'ers, I seem to be having some leff AC joint issue. It started last summer prior to my hernia surgery while on cycle. I was incline db pressing 120's, the next day my ac joint was sore/slightly swollen. I iced it, and also applied skeletal balm. Took a week off, and it ceased to bother me. However my left clavicle still protruded noticeably. It isn't where I have seen pictures of most AC joint protrusions (distal to center line), it is almost in the middle of my clavicle. Months went by with no issue, until about 2 weeks ago. I don't know what sparked it up, as I do TONS of prehab and mobility work ON TOP of regular rotator cuff work. Pain level is very low, but noticeable none the less. I notice it when of course doing any barbell chest work (which rarely happens), as well as some pulldown movements. Besides ice, massage, foam rolling, skeletal balm, cissus, and fish oil WHAT ELSE CAN I DO?!?! How F'ing long am I going to have to train around this??

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