Best Traps Excercises

  1. Best Traps Excercises

    Any suggestions appreciated

  2. I love db shrugs but when I am seated on a bench. Seated db shrugs.

  3. Cleans, Rows, Deads, Shrugs, Facepulls...
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Resolve
    Cleans, Rows, Deads, Shrugs, Facepulls...

  5. ive shrugged a handful of times in my life. i just do deadlifts and i got decent traps
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by rushrugby
    Any suggestions appreciated
    Heavy ass shrugs

  7. snatch grip deads, hang power cleans, high pulls, hang high pulls, overhead wide grip shrugs, inverted rows are great additions to what has been said.
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  8. Heavy deads from just below the knee really did it for me. Shorten up the range of motion so it's more of a back/posterior chain exercise.

    Also DB shrugs, but try going about 3/4 as heavy as you usually would and really get the full ROM pulling up, then back, then up some more.

    Less conventional, but a good way to get some blood in there, are trap flies. Use fairly light dbs, lean forward a bit at the waist (standing), roll the shoulders forward, then do a lateral-ish movement but instead of shooting straight out to the sides, try 45 degrees in front. It's hard to explain, but there's a good Youtube tutorial I'll try and find later.


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