question for the heavyweights!

  1. question for the heavyweights!

    okay im 215 today i just dropped 10lbs from cutting and would put my body fat around 10-13%! I not a fan of walking around competition ready because your muscles need a little protective layer to feed and maintain! What I really want to know is how can i take it to the next level in 2012! lets here some tips on really gaining some muscle assuming my diet is spot-on and Im gettin 8-10hrs of rest a day.
    My routine is:
    day1 arms(bi.tri)
    day2 abs
    day3 shoulders,upper back
    day4 legs, lower back
    day5 abs
    day6 chest
    day7 off or abs

    *I think this is the best routine going because lifting heavy and steady your body need alot of rest time to rebuild! so when im working chest I can really burn it because im not touching my chest for another seven days.
    just hoping to get some feedback on people really trying to break out of that "amature" body and into a "pro" any tips,suggestions, ext would be great!

  2. I'd actually suggest the exact opposite. More frequent training with less splitting of muscle groups will equal a greater volume over a period of time (say one month).

    Next, look into non linear periodization...great things happen when you periodize


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