Back to the gym!

  1. Back to the gym!

    Well hello there,

    Been a while since I've visited the forum... Used to be an avid reader here but haven't been here for a while, so guess we'll go on a little story mode here.

    So, a little while back I had just gone through a pretty good cycle of Androhard / Andromass, PCT was done, everything was going well.... All of a sudden, a bunch of work travel came about and I ended up basically not working out consistently for a month. Then came back and went back to working out, when I injured my shoulder once again - doing something ridiculously stupid I might add; getting out of the shower, holding the shower wreck, which collapsed and caused my shoulder to pop, fan-freaking-tastic. Anyways, that led me to be removed from the gym for another month as I was recovering.

    If only that was it, it would be great... but once I was all healed up and ready to go, I had an episode of panic attack... I used to go hardcore on stimulants, lots of coffee daily, took Clen (as per recommended 2x2, lower dosage but still) for a bit there, and have the occasional fat burner... Anyways, long story short, had a panic attack, had to go to the doctor, everything ended up being ok. Then a week later I take some coffee and have another episode. Long story short, I've been stimulant free for 2 weeks now, taking some benadryl at night along with a supplement to help cool down the receptors (forgot the name now... I got it as a combo deal with Dexaprine... Revamp perhaps?).

    And so here I am today... No stims, just taking the Revamp, ZMA at night, Fish Oil, Multi, Life Support, Vitamin C, and Joint Support for my shoulder. Starting to feel better - although from time to time I will feel "weird", not really sick or agitated, just weird, and starting to get back to the gym, do some cardio to lose the extra weight that I put on and whatnot.

    As a backtrack, I'm on the metabolic diet, so high protein, high fat, low carbs. Been doing that for a while, beginning to wonder if that may have influenced and somehow screwed up my blood panels. Actually just came back from a blood exam today, so therefore will have to come back with results to see. My blood pressure was high, even though I haven't had caffeine for a while, came in at 140/80. I've been able to manage my weight not too badly, sitting at 210, not too high on fat.

    So I'm going back to the gym now, and I was really wondering where to post this since it is all over the place, but figured why not here. I've always followed the DC training, and am wondering if I should pick it back up straight away or ease back into it. My plan was to start with lower weights, do more reps, and then progressively increase them until I get back to my peaks, where I am really going for the standard 7, 4, 2 or so on, and continue with the stretches. Any thoughts there? Should I go a different route?

    I worked out yesterday, I haven't lost a WHOLE lot of strength (for the amount of time I've been off, that is); i.e.: used to bench like 85lbs each arm with free dumbbells, I was at 65 and did 10 reps with decent ease. I feel like with a month or two of training I may get myself back pretty close to where I left off.

    So yes, please feel free to comment on the all around situation and feels good to be back to training and to the forum, missed you guys.
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  2. DC is pretty intense, I'm not a fan of it for "rehab" or getting back into things personally. BUT with that being said, you know your body better than anyone else, so just listen to it.

    As a side note, I'm not a fan of BP measurements while at a doctor's office, the stress/tension of just being at a doctor raises it a noticable amount for most people.

    Best of luck getting back into things, I know the feeling all too well.

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  3. I feel ya.

    I wonder if I'd be better off going back to the old 3x10 or whatever, or perhaps even getting back to a 5x5 before jumping back to DC or if a gradual DC reincorporation may cut it.
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