Shoulder Fatigue/Pain Tried Every Method Can't visit a doctor...hitting a dead end

  1. Shoulder Fatigue/Pain Tried Every Method Can't visit a doctor...hitting a dead end

    I'm really looking for some help guys, this shoulder pain has gave me a intense loss of motivation I CANT visit a doctor because i'm not insured and have ZERO money to pay for a visits to diagnose this. THE PAIN feels like my shoulder is heavily fatigued before im able to hypertrophy on the muscle im building, it then turns into pain and being unable to continue the exercise, this most happens when i BENCH PRESS/ do chest exercises but now every heavy weight fatigues it including bicep curls, especially BACK exercises too. I've done broomstick strech, ive done fish oil,ROTATOR CUFF EXERCISES(strenghtened outer) ive done glucosamine, massaging/jacuzzi therapy now it even gets tired when im typing(now). I know i'm asking for too much but maybe someone has some sort of miracle cure or homemade remady that will help me.I'm barely turning 16 and this is really such a put down at my age.

  2. First, stop bench pressing and doing upper body work that upsets it!

    Where in the shoulder is it occuring?


  3. My son has similar injury from football, is it in the front of the shoulder. Br posted something in another of thread concerning benching technique. Are your elbows flying out when you bench because it will put more pressure on the rotator cuff. My son has bursitis and it is getting better with rest.

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