Approaching age 19, lift stats @ 18

  1. Current Stats: Goals by age 20:
    Bench 370x1. 450x1
    275x12. 315x12
    225x25. 275x20
    Squat 550x1. 600x1
    425x12. 500x 12
    345x25. 375x25
    BW. 240. 275
    Approx BF% 15. 15

    I'll be competing here soon. I know maxing isn't necessary in bodybuilding I just use it as a gauge. I'm 6'0 tall.

  2. Nice work bro!! sick lifts for your age, and you got the size to prove it. Powerlifting imo is a solid base for any natural bodybuilder and should be in the mix of all natty lifting programs!

  3. Some very impressive numbers. At your age, the body will respond and heal at an unbelievable rate.

    Stay motivated!
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  4. Thanks guys, its hard to make a name for yourself in this game living in Wyoming. But I'm not going to use that as an excuse.

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