Workout Suggestions

  1. Workout Suggestions

    Hey everyone,
    It has been awhile since I have been on this site, and sadly its been awhile since I have worked out. I pretty much became a lazy bum for the past six months and I have hit the point where I am just disgusted with myself. So I was going to ask for some advice on getting on a new program. Six months ago I was 165lbs with 8% body fat, now I am 196 with 17% body fat (25yrs old). I just fell off for awhile, too much beer, hot wings, and beer. I want to get lean again (to show the abs off again that have now dissapeared) but I also feel like I have become a scrawny little b*tch. So my question to everyone is, should I try to cut down the fat first then bulk back up in a clean way, or just lift hard and start eating right again and then start cuttin closer to summer time? I have taken pro hormones in the past and would do it again along with any other supplement. I just don't know what is out there anymore. Any suggestions, advice, or criticism is welcomed! Thank you all in advance.

  2. I say get your bum in the gym .. Pay attention to what your eating and start pushing yourself

    Just adding weightlifting and cardio will make changes .. See how your body reacts .. Maybe a 4 day split with 20 min of cardio after .. Make adjustments from there

    Personally if I had to start out trying to cut I dont think I would be able to stick to it ..

  3. Sometimes these types of questions can be hard to answer imo, Basically what SMC mentioned, Get to the gym pick a proven program theres plenty maybe ull find something here lots of programs, and follow it for a good 8-12 weeks then monitor progress see where you at in terms of your goals and adjust accordingly. Consistency with a proven training program and diet will lead to the greatest results.
    "Dont worry about the burn man! You can do Jane Fonda classes if you want the burn"

  4. If u feel like a little bitch get in teh gym and start lifting... Dont worry about cutting its winter time... IF you havent done **** in a while if you start going consistently and push your self you should beable to make some really good gains.

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