Workout rest period

  1. Workout rest period

    I would like to ask if its alright to rest a group of muscle a day before I train them again because I sometimes have a tight schedule so I have no choice but to only give my muscles rest a day.I usually rest them at least two days before I work them out again but nowadays im quite busy so I was wondering if it's okay because my muscles do not feel sore or too tired.

  2. If your workouts are structured well enough, you might be able to workout up to 2 days in a row without a day off.

    Mon: Squat
    Tues: Bench
    Weds: Off
    Thurs: Deadlift
    Fri: OHP

    This schedule works well when my recovery is good.

    I have to wonder why you would exercise a bodypart or perform a movement at normal training weights more than once per week.

  3. If your strapped for time and want to get in a workout day then rest day then workout again why not get on a full body routine?
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  4. Yea.the same muscle group.for example I train biceps on sat then I train them again on Monday because I do a high volume low rep and a low volume high rep workout each week which basically means I train a muscle group twice per week.

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    I really don't see a necessity to training groups twice a week. I know guys on cycles who do that, but I train mine once a week (aside from groups like calves and abs, which can take a bit more and twice a week isn't overly hard on them). I certainly wouldn't train something on Saturday and then again on Monday. Even with calves and abs, I give them 3-4 days of rest in between.

    Are you making solid gains in weight or reps the way you're doing it? I might only hit my biceps directly once a week, but I make gains in weight each week on a minimum of one set and usually more. Biceps and triceps are going to get worked on other lifting days, anyway, so hitting them a second time "separately" really isn't necessary in my opinion.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by MidwestBeast View Post
    I really don't see a necessity to training groups twice a week.
    you need to train any body part with the appropriate frequency that matches the volume and intensity variables in your workout.

    for example i hit body parts twice a week but i probably do less volume for each workout. at the end of the week my body parts are getting about the same volume. but by being rested between bouts i can increase intensity and with an increase in frequency i can increase my skill at lifting.

    adjusting frequency, volume, intensity, and taking into account work capacity and recovery abilities is how you can see some people hit a muscle/move everyday, olympic lifting ala bros gym style, or as little as once every 7-10 days, ala HIT training.
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    Quote Originally Posted by asooneyeonig View Post
    you need to train any body part with the appropriate frequency that matches the volume and intensity variables in your workout.
    I agree with this.

    The majority of people, however, don't grasp this, in my estimation. The people you usually see training a certain group multiple times per week aren't making any progress in gains and are just constantly burning out the muscle, rather than letting it heal. And like I said, arms are one of those groups that really don't need that much separate attention as long as one is doing the appropriate compound lifts for the rest of their muscle groups.


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