Gold's Gym Classes

  1. Gold's Gym Classes

    I've been debating joining Gold's Gym just for the classes. I'm interested in increasing flexibility and to lesser degree the cardio. Anyone attend their classes or would it be waste of time?

  2. I've always enjoyed the spin classes and would really like to find the time to take yoga....


  3. I don't have a membership to Golds, but I do attend classes where I am at and enjoy them. They are a good way to add something new to your routine and break up the monotony. The classes I do the most are spin and yoga. Bikram yoga is awesome in my opinion.
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  4. Yes Yoga was what attracted me. There are yoga places here that charge $20 a session. Gold's is unlimited. And like you said, it can be a change in the routine to fill my days. My current gym membership is only $6/month so keeping that membership. I'm trying to figure out if they will be worth it or I will end up not going.

  5. I take a stretching/core class and a TRX class weekly .. Prior to my actual workout .. For me its a different way to hit the muscles .. More muscle endurance .. Bodybuilding is generally 8-12 reps (30sec?) and rest for 30sec or more .. TRX is 60sec of work and 30sec of rest .. Pretty hard at first actually .. Spin class when cutting .. Take advantage of the classes if you can ..

  6. i can charge my membership to my company, so i may just do that. I'm interested in the CX Worx and the Yoga classes more than anything. add endurance/core and flexibility which I lack in both.


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