Looking for new chest workout

  1. Looking for new chest workout

    Need to switch it up and looking for some suggestions
    Was doin
    Flat bb bench
    Incline db press
    High incline smith press

    Was looking to either start doin declines or some pushups. In next cycle

  2. Best chest wo I've used for a while (only change the sets n reps)

    Monday or Tuesday
    Incline db
    Flat db

    Thurs or Friday
    Incline fly
    Flat fly
    Cable crossovers

    4 sets each ... Some good rep ranges are
    15, 10, 8, 6
    10, 8, 6, 15
    20, 20, 6, 6
    20, 6, 6, 20
    Owner; Human Performance Science (HPS)

  3. Start with dips, (add weight) then flat bench, incline or decline bb (alt week to week?) cable flyes (flat bench, slow, 7-10sec rep) finish with feet elevated pushups ..

    With weights, Failure 6-8 reps .. 4 sets per exercise ..

    Do pushups till you fall down wait 15sec put feet on the floor and do em till you fall .. Rest 45sec and do it again ..

    Make sure you warm up the shoulders good .. I like the weighted rotator movements ..

  4. i actually did this today... Trying to see how i respond to less sets and more exercises... only doing 3sets per exercise

    Flat bench
    Incline BB
    Incline Flys
    Cable crossovers

  5. I recently started bench pressing to my neck and I love it and dips thats a staple



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