Proper Straight Leg Deadlift form?

  1. Proper Straight Leg Deadlift form?

    Ok im a bit confused on this exercise, mainly because i see people doing it completely different everywhere i go.

    What i've been tought and thought is you want to start with a slight bend in your knee and go down as low as possible without rounding the back and bending your legs too much, Something like this below.

    Now im nearly positive this is the correct form but i see tons of people go all the way to the ground with this and just wanted to clarify that this is correct form, And you should go as low as you can without bending legs too much and arching back?

    Also whats your stance like feet shoulder width apart? Slightly narrower? Or wider?

  2. I have very short legs and can go to the floor with proper form, heck, I could probably elevate my feet a couple inches and still go all the way down with proper form! LOL


  3. This is correct form for a "Straight Leg Deadlift", or SLDL. There might have been a time when it was truly an SLDL, but you can get just as much glute, and ham activation this way, without putting any additional stress on the back. If your hams are wrecked after you're done, you did 'em right. lol

    Stance isn't overly important-use a stance approaching a "conventional" width. What is most important is that your hips have good, free movement. Drive your hips rearward while keeping your back flat.

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