Bulking? or just gaining muscle?

  1. Bulking? or just gaining muscle?

    A little confused on what my goal will be.

    SW: 176
    CW: 164
    GW: 158ish
    Height 5'9"
    Age: 35
    Body fat 16%

    I am currently, i guess, cutting. I started lifting weights about 4 months ago to try and preserve some muscle and improve strength while cutting.

    Once I reach a target weight, target body fat, or at least just happy with how the weight loss looks on me, I don't want to just bulk up.

    I would like a more controlled approach to limit fat gain, and only gain muscle (if that can be done).

    Diet is fairly clean and of course in a deficit for weight loss. So, in theory, when it comes time to bulk, would it be best to simply add on significantly more protein if already eating clean?

    I guess confused by the idea of cutting and then bulking
    If you are going to put on some fat while bulking, why bother cutting if you just want bigger muscles?

    Can someone clarify this for me.


  2. Layne norton talking about his bulking strategy in this one and says that he eats an caloric surplus for 4-6 weeks followed by 2 weeks of caloric restriction.
    so it turns out 4-6 weeks bulk, 2 weeks cut: 4-6 weeks 500 cals above maintance, 2 weeks 500 cals under maintance.
    he points out that this allows him to make fairly lean gains. (Hope this helps a lil)


  3. Thanks. It was a great video, and did give me a bit of a plan to follow.

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