Question about pain when working out

  1. Question about pain when working out

    N my 5th set of bench presses tonight I felt a pain in the tendon like area that is in front of my arm pit. I finished that rep and quit, the pain was still there only much much duller. I decided that I should probably just call it quits for the night. I didn't finish my last set of squats or barbell rows. Was that a good choice by me or should I have worked through it. It wasn't a sharp pain maybe a 3, it wasn't the muscle burning sensation either though I get hl. An hour has gone by and no pain there. Just wondering if I'm being too cautious.
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  2. How much were you benching at the time? And how was your form?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Jethro52185
    How much were you benching at the time? And how was your form?
    Form was good it was a pr for me, it was 215. Up 5 pounds from last week.
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  4. Could have just tweaked it a little bit. It's not uncommon to have twinges and tweaks during a workout, but when they start to repeat and get closer and closer together it can be foreshadowing to a serious injury. Just go easy on it if the pain returns, and give it time to heal.

  5. I think maxing is a way to get injured. Most of my PRs would be a rep out. I love repping 225 on bench to gauge my gains every few weeks. Every now and then I do 315.

  6. I always advise my clients to err on the side of caution when they cause pain or slight injury during lifting. Better to let it recover and train next session or a week later than due further damage and be out for several months.



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