How to get a rock solid abs?

  1. Cool How to get a rock solid abs?

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  3. I prefer to do Hip Hop Abs.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. I actually bought one of those belts that transmits electronic waves to my stomach so im all set..... hello 8 pack.

  5. You have probably done hundreds of sit ups and crunches all this time and only see minimal or even no result at all.
    Once, I also do the same thing, only doing crunches and sit-ups, until I discovered a shocking truth about building abdominal muscle.

    The truth is if you keep doing your abdominal training like usual you will never gain that six-pack abs that you always wanted. So, what is the reason behind this failure to achieve rock-solid abs?

    Your abs may not show itself because there are fat that covering your abdominal muscle. So, to burn this layer of fat you need to do some cardiovascular exercise. You are not going to do regular pace cardiovascular exercise. What you going to do is performing high intensity cardio exercise, so instead of jogging, you will sprint. After that you continue by doing the steady pace cardiovascular exercise.

    Start eating right. By eating the right foods you will burn belly fat and get six pack abs faster. Some great choices are fruits, vegetables, beans, lean meats, and nuts. These will really help your body burn belly fat and reveal your six pack abs. Not only that but you will feel fueled and ready to workout hard in no time.

    Eat starchy carbs after a workout only. Foods like pasta, bread, and even oatmeal fall under this category. You do not need these kinds foods unless you have a very active lifestyle like working at a physical job. Only eat them after a workout to restore your energy levels. Otherwise they just turn into fat.

    Get off the couch. Go outside and do something whether it is walking or playing a sport. The more active you are the leaner you will be.
    Eat every 3 hours. Fill up your stomach every 3 hours to ensure you stay full without the desire to binge on junk food. As long as you eat healthy natural foods 90% of the time then you do not have to worry about counting calories.

    Get more protein. Protein builds muscle. Try to get a source of protein with each meal. Some great examples are chicken, cottage cheese, and eggs. If you find it hard to get enough protein in your diet then getting protein powder is a solid investment. You do not need more than two scoops each day.

    Drink green tea. It is a powerful fat burner and it is cheaper than any diet pills or whatever. It is also loaded with antioxidants.
    To get six pack abs simply follow these tips and you will be well on your way to six pack abs. You can also do cardio and other effective exercises to accelerate your fat loss.

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    The spam is strong in this thread.
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