Work out routine with old shoulder injury

  1. Work out routine with old shoulder injury

    I have posted a few times about what I have been doing for exercise. Instead, I should have simply asked the following question and gotten more direct advice.

    Age: 35
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight was 176 a few months ago. CW: 165
    Body fat%: Unsure. guess about 18-20%

    I have dislocated my shoulder 5 times. Not since 2000, and have had arthroscopic surgery to tight a bit.

    I am looking for a good total body workout that still protects/not to hard on shoulder.
    I plan to go to gym for at least 2-3 workouts a week, incorporating elliptical cardio in some work-outs to total 4+ days a week (still cutting).

    So, looking for a good core work-out for everything but still easier on shoulder.
    I am able to do things like seated cable row and even lat pull-downs, but no military press for example.

    All advice is greatly welcomed.

    Gold Whey
    Krill Oil
    Green Vibrance
    Amino Energy (not into excessive stimulants...this one was a nice balance)
    Kre-Alkalyn (it is a bit easier on stomach for me)

  2. I just had my shoulder fixed in may (310* labrum tear, suprasprinatus tear, and biceps tendon rupture)
    What I did was continue my physical therapy exercises focusing on flexibility and strength, then I moved to lateral and front raises
    , curls, light rows and pushups, I did this for about two months then I got into doing cleans, DLs, pull ups, etc. Just keep in mind that you need to listen to your shoulder. Right now I'm deadlifting around 400, cleaning like 225 and can curl in the low/mid 100s, but I still can't stabilize weight to bench press ( I made the local smith machine my best friend). Nothing spectacular but It's coming along. Good luck!

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