rep ranges for ab work

  1. rep ranges for ab work

    what do you guys do as far as reps go?
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  2. 8-25 and never on the floor.
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  3. For me, usually 20-50, if I do it. I don't do a lot of focused ab work, though.

  4. 60 per minute, 90 if I'm doing it kipping-style: Kipping EVERYTHING. It's not just for pull ups anymore

    ut seriously, I normally do it around 10-15 reps for a few sets. Always do something for the upper abs, and something for the lower abs (dont want those hernias do you?)

  5. yeah im coming off of 5x5 and doing a 4 day split and thought i would throw abs with my leg day. hanging raises, yoga...etc thanks for your input
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