Lagging Biceps

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  1. I got 19's and I'm only curling 135 for 6 on a straight bar.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Bobo
    I have an idea.

    There is no ONE way. Never will be. Its constantly switching it up that will spur results. So people should focus on switching exercises, rep ranges, TUT and so forth.

    Although its nice when your plan already incorporates these principles
    Bobo, when I switch it up, is it OK if I switch up during the workout? I personally love hitting all different rep ranges during a workout. I.E. Put 135 on the bar for 2-3, then maybe do seated-incline dumbell curls for 8-10, then maybe hammers for 4-6, etc, etc. Is this sufficient, or should I be rotating rep ranges from workout to workout, week to week, month to month, etc?

    Oh, and for strength, I always start out with one heavy set of reps for 3, whether or or not the rest of the workout will be low, mid, or high reps. Is that a good way to keep strength gains high, while no limiting such factors as sarcoplamsic growth, which I'd get from high reps?


  3. Quote Originally Posted by OmarJackson
    the best program for biceps is the one that puts you on the path to curling 225 for strict reps in the shortest amount of time. okay, okay, so what kind of program is that? i have no idea, but in spite of all the misinformation and conflicting ideas out there it still comes down to strength. I mean you'll have people saying you should do 20 sets minumum for biceps and others giving you the "are you ****ing crazy, biceps don't need any direct work" face. I say run your own little expiriment and don't listen to anyone else, keep everything constant and let strength gains in bicep excercises be your judge.
    I hear what he's saying here. Some people don't work their biceps directly at all, or don't work them very well, and achieve a decent level of growth. Others do tons of sets and grow as well. I have witnessed both situations firsthand. Personally, I don't think I've ever really gotten anything out of intense direct bicep training, and last week I decided to almost completely eliminate direct bicep work from my program, relying on back training to produce bicep growth. Most of the guys I know who have good bicep development do not work their biceps with good form at all: they don't do the negative, don't use a full ROM, use weights that are too heavy for them, etc. This makes me think that most of their bicep growth is coming from back training. More and more I see the effectiveness of compound exercises; my chest, back and delts are my fastest growing bodyparts, all of which I train exclusively with big compound exercises , so I believe arms require the same.

  4. 7, 21's worked for me

  5. To quote Chris Cook:

    "Alright my griend here is the deal..Arms are one of those bodyparts that have to be forced in to growing through VOLUME...I REPEAT..VOLUME...
    you have to put down that rediculouse weight and get ready to pump them up so full that you can't stand up..Thats right...Get to the gym pick up some 20's and litterally do them until they are about to fall off.
    Now when I say 20's I don't litterally mean that..I am talking figurativley so that you will get the point..
    high reps about 20 and hard drop sets to fallow..Strict movement and then let the cheat get in to it at the end..
    If you have ever seen most of the pro's that have great arms train them you would laugh about the wieght that they use.
    but it is about the muscle mind conection and the VOLUME they put in the muscle..
    Trust me..It works."




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