Rear delts?

  1. Rear delts?

    Hey fellas need a few more rear delt excises, I'm doing high elbow head pulls on the cable, bent over flys, i do parms forward militiry press works inside delts what does parms facing each other work? I need solid size excises as apose to a isolation excise.

    Cheers thanks

  2. I've been seeing results from bent over, wide grip rows to the upper chest. Get about parallel and pull the bar up. It's builds the upper back nicely.

    Another I've been experimenting with is to set the cables on a crossover machine down low, then grab the right cable with the left hand and the left cable with the right, take a step back, bend over, and perform the same movement as a bent over fly. I've only been doing them for about 2 weeks, but I get a nice pump back there that I don't get from any other exercise.

    Good luck!

  3. above suggestions are good. Could also put an incline on a bench lay with your stomach and chest facing the bench and do a reverse chest fly to target the rear delts. I also enjoy doing reverse machine flies these have been really good at isolating my rear delts.

  4. ^ I'll second the reverse machine flies. Personally I feel it the most when I lean forward about 60.

  5. Face pulls done standing

    John Meadows has some nice lil movements that really smash the real delts. Using some of his techniques I have brought mine up big time. I have SUPER dominant front delts, and now my medial, and rear delts are just as good. I find with the rear delts, blasting them with higher reps, really focusing on contracting them works best(for me)

    This will get the side and rear

    Kinda like a face pull, but does feel a bit different.

    Also inverted rows work the upper back/rear delt. There are a lot of variations you can do of these to make them harder as well. IF you keep your elbows back a bit more then he is, and contract/hold at the top a second it really blasts your rear delts.

  6. Cheers I'll try all of them out thanks again for the info. : )

  7. I really like the first movement. I was planning on doing wide grip cable rows pulling the bar to upper chest to target rear delts. I may alternate them depending on how they feel.

  8. i do bent over db laterals.. do them bringing arms back and you could do them with arms straight out to hit diffrent rear delt heads... rear peck dec machine


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