Shoulders/Tri hurting??

  1. Shoulders/Tri hurting??

    Is it normal to have a little pain (well I wouldn't say pain, I'd say soreness, maybe pain I dunno it's hard to explain) nothing too bad but a noticeable irritation when lifting? For example, when I do flys on the machine, my right shoulder kind of hurts when first pulling the pads in towards the middle, but only when they are straight out. I'm not very flexible either, so I'm sure it doesn't help but it's getting annoying and I was wondering if it's normal to have a little pain when lifting? My tri's also hurt a bit once in a while, not really the tri itsself but more like the bone or ligament underneath...Is there anything that can help?

  2. Stop doing flys. The pain you feel is biceps tendon impingement.

  3. I used I get this, it's quiet common just make sure you stretch/warm up properly, I do like 30/40min stretch off session before any weights. You could also go see someone for a deep tissue massage which will relieve some of the pain.

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