Mental toughness in strength/endurance training for the military.

  1. Mental toughness in strength/endurance training for the military.

    Any good tips or secrets you got to push yourself to the absolute edge, shoot them out. Just open the discussion.

  2. Just repeat mantras lol
    My Workout Log

  3. Id say something like wrestling or martial arts. Where if you dont continue to keep going you get your ass kicked haha.

  4. I smell a setup play...

  5. welp just think if you fail a fitness test in basic you get reverted back a couple weeks so you're caught up to where you *should* be....Dunno bout anyone else, but 8 weeks is plenty....
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  6. When I went through basic they needed people so badly that only a couple of the ****-bags got sent back, even though it should have been closer to 25% of them.

    Mentally Basic is not that hard honestly. Just don't be a hot head and do what your told, right when I was leaving everything with the whole touching recruits changed because some drill instructor told a recruit to jump into a trash can head first and he did and got really really hurt.
    Now they can't do anything besides yell at you a lot and give you IT (incentive training) but even that has been down regulated into what is considered hazing and what is considered beneficial.
    But I will tell you this, you could which Marines went through which style of boot camp because the ones who had the lax basic were **** bags and bitched about everything. The Salty ones just grabbed a straw and sucked it up and they were always the best under pressure in the field and combat.
    Mother of America is ruining us little by little with their stupid complaints. I mean I understand the crippled kid being an issue and all, but honestly all of that hitting you and being pushed until you break is what made me better and more able to deal with stress when it came.

    **Just saw that you are 24, and if your drill instructors are anything like mine were they will automatically look to the older recruits off the bat for things like squad leader, guide etc. So you could be thrown into a role of "responsibility" right off the bad. Know that if you are, you won't hold that billet for long, boot camp is really just a program built around how the mind works and they do things like that on purpose. They will pull your billet even if you are doing perfect and give it to someone who doesn't perform as well as you do so that it makes you try harder.

    Who are you joining and that will give you a better idea of what you need to work on. Also, I wouldn't work on gaining any mass, I lost 20lbs of muscle in basic. Just work on lean mass and a lot of body weight exercises and running. Push-ups, situps where someone holds your feet down and you come all the way up arms crossed on your chest until they hit your thighs, pull ups both wide grip and underhand, and runs.

    Good luck and if your Joining the Marines, Semper Fidelis

  7. I am in fact heading to the Marine Corps. Shipping out in April. As far as the complaining goes, I see that much too often at our monthly poolee functions from the more immature potential recruits and phony bad ass kids. I have heard during bootcamp you will lose muscle mass so I have switched over to plyometrics and body weight oriented exercises, getting my body used to doing the type of things ill be doing at bootcamp and not just laying on the bench lifting for maximum weight (though i do that occasionally now.) Losing my mass was a bit of a disappointment to hear but I know I can always gain it back. I ask about mental toughness because in bootcamp I don't want to just survive the 3 months but i want to compete to be the best. Long story short... Get to be an honor grad. I am in great shape right now but never have I been tested like I will be at MCRT. I went through the fire academy but that was weak and was nothing like I expected it to be. Anyway, any tips you may have will help and what exactly does it take to become an honor grad? Are you in the USMC?

  8. Do what your told, be loud as possible, and never stop running and ull honestly be good to go.

    I spent 6 months in boot camp(due to injury), so i know a little somethin about bootcamp.
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  9. It's all a game. Yell loud (learn to do this from your belly so you don't blow out your vocal chords), follow instructions, move with speed and intensity... yadda yadda yadda. it's all a mind ****, boot is made to break you down and rebuild you, mentally, into how they want you. in enlisted, it's how to follow orders, in OCS, it's how to lead enlisted marines. Simple as that. Just ignore the insults and mental mindfck games the DI's play.

    As for physical conditioning, plyometrics are great. Work on your 3mile time, real pullups (not chinups), and crunches.

    Most people have problems w/ pullups, do them properly with good form when you're training, that makes the "cheat" way of doing it so much easier. Having a good strong grip will help as well.

    Crunches, most people can do 100 of these in 2 min easy, except me. I struggle to get to 70, although I had a 20min runtime, 20 pullups, and first class swim qual. No idea why. But if you have a short torso and long arms, it helps. Once again, train properly, it makes the cheat way much easier.

    Running... just run and your time will improve.

    However, depending on your MOS, boot is only the start of it. SOI/MCT is the fun part where you get to go on 12mi humps w/ full gear. :-)

    Semper Fi


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