Lift at home, Limited time workout help!

  1. Lift at home, Limited time workout help!

    Need help to optimize a routine with limited time and resources. My goal is to gain mass.

    I'm 33, male, 6ft, 200lbs prob 15% BF and have been working out at home for around a year with frequency.

    Because of my schedule I have a limited time to work out. Usually around 45 minutes in the mornings between sets I am getting kids dressed, making lunches, etc. No one to spot me on lifts and only a flat bench and 2 free weight dumbbells to work with and 2 15lb dumbbells. I try not to have to switch weights because of time constraints.

    I use a preworkout, creatine, L Glut, whey, casein, and take GABA and ZMA before I go to bed. I am considering adding DAA and Agmatine as well to the morning sups. I eat cleanish (I live in New Orleans and usually am taking clients to lunch).

    I do 10 min of abs everyday. I tend to have DOMS every week and know I have some insulin regulation issues.

    My current split
    Tues- Flat Bench (I try to go up5lb on the weights every two weeks)
    Warm up

    I actually do try to squeeze in a second higher rep round in the evening.
    Warm Up

    4 Supersets of curls of
    45x8 for each arm
    30 (2-15 lb dumbbells)x21 both arms at same time with traditional 21 7-7-7 split

    4 Supersets of overhead triceps dumbbell extension of
    45x8 for each arm
    30 (2-15 lb dumbbells)x21 both arms at same time with traditional 21 7-7-7 split

    4 Super sets of
    90x15 dumbbell shrugs (45 per arm)
    15x8 front shoulder raises (each arm)
    15x8 side shoulder raises (each arm simultaneous)
    90x8 overhead shoulder press (45 per arm)

    Fri- Pullups
    5x12 wide grip
    5x12 normal grip

    I am going to get some of the quick adjust weights so I can raise the 15lbs to 20 or 25 as needed.

    Please help someone trying to get stronger any way I can! The motivation is here but the complete knowledge base is not.


  2. You're gonna hafta get up earlier, I guess!!

    I do an FST-7 routine in my basement, and start to finish is about 45 min, but you gotta stay at it to get the good pumps that stretch the muscle facsia, and also eat a bit before.....but the routine itself is pretty it and you'll find some good sample routines.

    Also, your thursday back day is a shoulder day.

    If you only have 3 days, a Push/Pull/Legs would be ideal, which is pretty much what I do FST-style...dunno what you can do for legs, tho, with your equipment. Lunges are easy with DB's.

    If you have 5 days I do


    or, throw the off days in between workout days, depending on my work shcedul, etc.
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

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