Help create a balance strongman/bodybuilding routine?

  1. Help create a balance strongman/bodybuilding routine?

    I workout at a small gym behind work. It's not much to look at, but has 4 power racks, dumbbells up to 120 lbs, a dip belt, and plenty of plates, along with niceties like a dip station and a few places to do pullups. A friend I met there used to do not only powerlifting, but strongman training as well, and he and another friend have recently obtained a few crude tools that the gym lets them store out back, where there is a huge field with a track. So far, we have 4 tires of differing sizes (the largest of which requires two of us to flip), a "log" (a concrete cylinder with steel handles out of either flat end, about 200lbs), a flat rock which is about 100lbs, and two atlas balls (concrete spheres, one about 220, one about 300). I plan on buying a sledgehammer today, and some straps and/or hose to do sled pulls with the tires and maybe some "reeling in" exercises (pull one of the lighter tires towards you by pulling in the hose which is tied to it, a row type exercise).

    Now, currently I'm on a standard bodybuilding split, which incorporates the big three with supporting exercises. I'd like to incorporate the strongman stuff to see what it can do for me, and also simply because it's a ton of fun. I know strongman doesn't care about training all muscle groups equally like bodybuilders do, but I'd still like to keep that aspect of bodybuilding in my routine. So here's what I was planning to do:

    Day 1, Chest, Triceps, Shoulders:
    (inside gym)
    -Incline DB Presses
    -Weighted Dips

    (outside gym)
    -Sledgehammer work
    -Overhead press of something heavy (sandbag, stone, or keg maybe)

    Day 2, Back:
    (inside gym)
    -Weighted pullups
    -DB rows

    (outside gym)
    -Tire flips
    -log deadlifts/cleans (eventually working up to clean/jerk)
    -log carrys/farmer walks

    Day 3, Legs:
    (inside gym)

    (outside gym)
    -sled pulls
    -backward sled pulls
    -jump squats with the 100lb stone

    Now, I plan to record and try to increase weight/reps each week with the indoor stuff, but the outdoor stuff will mostly just be done to failure/exhaustion. Also, I do leangains, eating from 12-8pm, and training is about 5pm. So I get one big meal in after training. I suppose I could switch to 2-10pm, so that I could get two meals in after training, if that would be more beneficial.

    Am I missing anything? Overworking? Should I just drop the bodybuilding stuff completely? Should I abandon the traditional split routine and just do full body 3 days a week? Looking for advice from anyone who's done something like this before

  2. My only suggest would be to add in ancillary work for shoulder and hip health: face pulls, scaptions, external rotations; glute bridges, monster walks, etc. And some local core work too: planks/bridge


  3. Flip day one and two. I would always leave two days minimum between back and legs.... Your lower back will thank you.
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