1. Benches

    Does anyone's back get tore up on the bench. Like broken blood vessels and stuff. Doesn't hurt. Ne'er noticed til my woman brought it up. Skin is not in contact with the bench and the benches r in good shape so it's not that.

  2. I get broken blood vessels on my shoulders while doing standing calves raises. Also doesn't hurt at all. I kinda freaked out the first time I saw it, they are broken in the shape of a rectangle ( the shape of the pads).

  3. i've gotten them a few times from using the hack /power squat machine.

  4. Not much u can do about it really, happens to me no matter how much weigh a I use. Maybe adding an extra layer like a towel would help a bit.

  5. I'm good with it just wondering who else got it.

  6. Gotten on a squat machine too. Went away pretty quickly though.
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