Cutting workout

  1. Cutting workout

    Ey guys anyone have a really good cutting workout, weights wise. Got the cardio already sorted. Need something hard and tough any help would be great

  2. your workout shouldn't change if bulking or cutting. cutting is a function of diet and cardio

  3. Just incorporate supersets and drop sets into your current workout. Reduce rest periods etc keep your heartrate up and do slow steady cardio after your weights session.

  4. If anything workout related, I found a few ideas.

    go supersets, use alot of resistance incorporated lifts(like cable crosses for chest) because it keeps a load on the muscle and works the stabilizibg muscle to tune definition.

    If you're in the gym for extended time, get on the threadmill in the middle of lifting to get your heartrate to another level.

  5. i never change my routine whether cutting or bulking. i still do drop sets and super sets even when bulking. the only thing that changes is diet and more cardio/ab work
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  6. You all don't do less volume when u cut? Usually I do less because I won't have the energy to do high volume training.


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