Which do you prefer?

  1. Which do you prefer?

    Which do you guys prefer doing:

    Chest and Biceps and Back and Triceps


    Chest and triceps and back and biceps

  2. Chest, Triceps, Back, Biceps.

  3. prefer for what? strength? size? are these done on the same day, separate days? how many sets, how many reps, at what intensity. i cant answer this without taking those into account as they effect things greatly.
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  4. I've grouped them both ways, depending on what the rest of the program looked like. Right now I really like Chest and tris in the same training session, but that's because I'm on a push/pull/leg type split...and it works because it fits with the layout. I've also done super sets of Bench with curls and rows with tri work. But everything was split up differently too. It's going to depend on what the rest of the program looks like.

  5. I like to do chest day, back day, bis and tris. Otherwise the workouts get too long or its not enough time to recover between working out the same group.
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  6. Chest and Tri's..
    These 2 I get the best pumps from, love the feeling when my chest is pumped and your arms always look massive after a good tri session!!

  7. I give everything its own day... I do bi's tris toeghter on arm day


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