LEGS! Need tear drop help!

  1. LEGS! Need tear drop help!

    I train legs hard and sweeps look nice. Im tall and my tear drops need to grow.. any ideas?

  2. I've had a similar problem; well developed sweep, but the tear drop lacks. I added two exercises and started seeing some results.

    The first is a modification on the leg extension. For me it really built up the medialis when I pointed my toes outwards and only completed the upper 1/3 or so of the movement. Keep it under control, and if you do it at the end of your quad workout with moderately high reps you can get a nice pump in the teardrop. You'll know you're doing it right if when you stand up you feel more fatigue in your lower than in your upper thigh.

    The other is simply a squat with toes pointed straight out, and only about 2 inches between the feet. Personally, I really feel it in the lower quad and I feel like it has helped with teardrop development.

    My 2

  3. Medialis is responsible for the final 10-15 degrees of knee extension (locking the knee). Lock outs on squats and the leg extension with lighter weight and modified ROM are good. Also are standing knee extensions.


  4. leg extensions sir. the key to tears.

  5. Front squats is what has helped mine the most.
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  6. High rep leg presses and extensions helped me out.. 15-25 rep range

  7. Okay thanks! on the modified squats with your feet 2in apart should i stay light to make sure i can still drop 90degrees? how low would you go on those because i have a hard time going low when my legs are that close..

  8. Thansk for the help!

  9. Thanks for the help!

  10. For the 2 in apart, yeah, I have to drop some weight. I still try to hit parallel, but at the bottom I usually pause for 2-3 sec then squeeze it up. If I don't let my knees migrate very far forward and I keep form tight (ie keep knees stationary, no wobble, when coming up) I can really get a good squeeze. It's a little harder because you're not as stable as you are with a wider stance. It's worth it though.


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