bicep pain help

  1. bicep pain help

    So I have a horizontal line of pain running across my bicep on the elbow side. do you think this is tendonitis?
    I know this injury is usually from over curling "wannabes" but I'm thinking it's because I trained arms the day before I trained back 'which of course uses biceps'.

    I'll start doing back and bi's and chest and tri's together but what else can I do to make this heal faster?
    And do you guys think I'm correct in thinking it's tendonitis?


  2. Sounds more along the lines of a mild sprain or muscle pull than tendonitis. Rest and ice, and take some time off from pulling movements.


  3. I took a week off because I was having pain everywhere "I train intense with some form of forced reps on almost every set" and I was feeling really beat up. It made things worse though, I came back with more aches than ever.

    I just started my Test EQ dbol cycle. I should keep cycling right? I mean I'll train light for a week or two and the dbol should help it recover by then right?

  4. Too many forced reps will do that to you. And if they're done on large movements, can also really fatigue your CNS.

    Not too likely the drugs are going to improve recovery from injury, especially not if it was connective tissue in nature.

    Stop doing curls until its better. You don't need really need an excessive amount of curls anyways.



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